Getting the Right Contractor

Lately working in the Real Estate field I have been running into a number of people in the London, Ontario area who have been having trouble with renovations and contractors. Eager to rush a rental onto the market before the beginning of the next month or to renovate their house for the lowest price possible, they are inevitably disappointed with the quality of the work or even in some cases their contractors abandon the job when they realize they lack the necessary skills or are unable to make an acceptable profit from it. Home owners find themselves with an incomplete and badly done job, probably requiring even more work than originally.

It always amazes me how many people underestimate the skills and experience required to successfully renovate a home. Home owners too often believe estimates given by inexperienced renovators just because they say they can do a job cheaper or faster. When the renovators realize they cannot make a profit or a deadline, they rarely work at a loss. You should always make sure to hire a reputable contractor. Some proof of previous successful projects should always to given. Make sure to ask for recommendations, check websites and not to settle for the lowest quote automatically. During renovations any number of problems and incidents could occur; gas and water leaks, faulty electrical and surfaces that require serious levelling or additional support. Without a suitably qualified renovator you could require to hire additional contractors, costing you more than if you’d hired a more qualified but expensive contractor.

When signing a contract it must always contain the contractor’s name and contact information, a detailed plan of the project and the start and end dates. If you change your mind after you sign a contract, you may be entitled to a cooling off period. Never pay more than a ten percent down payment and never deliver the full payment before the work is done. Under Ontario’s Consumer Protection Act, you can cancel a contract within 10 days if you signed the contract in your home and the price is more than $50.